Basement Waterproofing

Basement MoldBasement Waterproofing describes services which fix wet, leaky basements. You may wonder how much it costs to waterproof your home - it really depends on what work is needed to get the job done right.

First, we have to identify the leak sources under your home. We figure out what is going on by talking about the details of the leaks - when and where do they happen? Are the leaks happening during storms, or the next day? Which part of your foundation seems to be leaking? Where does the water begin? Yard drainage, downspout extensions, irrigation systems all may be the culprit responsible for your basement's seepage problem. It all depends on what path offers the least resistance for water to take. While unfinished basements are easy to track water through with a trail - our experts are certified and experienced to find the leak even in if you have this area finished already.

Once we figure out the problem, we correct it. We offer the following:

Types of Basement Seepage Problems

Often, our repairs require sealing foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundations. Cracks can easily be seen and are very visible in an unfinished basement because they leave water stains on your foundation wall. In finished basements, diagnosis begins by discovering the area where water first enters your basement, then finding the exterior for a crack. Many times, cracks extend to the top of your foundation wall.Finished Basement The foundation wall will usually be exposed above the soil line. The product we use is great on cracks.

Another typical basement waterproofing problem is when the source of seepage is at the cove joint, where the floor and wall meet. This is generally caused by hydrostatic pressure, which happens when the water table rises after rain or snow melts. The accumulated weight of water in the ground forces water underneath the footing and up into the basement. The best solution to this type of problem is the installation of a drain system - we use our patented French Drain - with a battery backup sump pump to discharge the water. The drain tile system relieves pressure by providing an easy path for the water to escape, getting rid of the water pressure so the leakage problem is eliminated. The problem can be dealt with from either inside or outside the home.

Poor grading (or the slope of the soil around your home) can allow water to leak over the top of the foundation wall through the mortar joint at the top of your foundation. When the exterior grade is rising above your foundation wall with earth or concrete driveways, walks or patios, this becomes a problem.

Yard drainage, grading and all other water related issues have to be addressed to make sure that the waterproofing work done is both necessary and effective.

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Thank you guys so much for the foundation repair and basement waterproofing that you completed for our family. We were able to put an entertainment room in the basement without worrying about it.

Kelly S. - Black Mountain, NC 28711

Featured Testimonial

Thank you for all of the work you did in our basement. It went from being a damp hole to being an extra, waterproofed room. The battery powered sump pump is my favorite - it is quiet, and it actually works.

James S. Asheville, NC 28801


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